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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Whether you need to promote your product, or you want to announce an offer. Whether you want to tell the audience about your company, or you are likely to announce the great news regarding your firm. Email marketing always comes in handy. Almost every digital marketing company provides email marketing services assuring that your targeted audience never feels detached from you.

Email campaigns are delightfully formed to embrace digital marketing utility over the internet. The subtle email marketing tools with the help of email marketing software can incentivize customer’s loyalty. It helps to let customers know about the new products or services that you’re launching or offering discounts, or any other services. Many email marketing companies can revamp, create, or optimize your emails to achieve the best ROI for your marketing budget.

After the implementation of the email marketing strategy, marketers saw a significant rise in clickthrough rate and email engagements. Moreover, above 35% of marketers believe in sending 3-5 emails per weeks for significantly better achievements. In a survey of 1000+ small-medium ventures, email marketing got 2nd rank as the most effective marketing tools for businesses. Studies also dictate that email marketing has the highest ROI among small-medium businesses.

DigiVikas experts are an ace to email marketing problems. We have tons of email marketing templates and strategies that better optimize your brand’s digital portfolio.